Nicholas Brickner

Member - Nick BricknerBio: 

I’m from a small town in the foothills called Sonora, CA. It’s about an hour drive north of Yosemite, which essentially served as my backyard while growing up. I love the bay area and have enjoyed my six years here at UC Berkeley. Primarily, my hobbies consist of rock climbing, motorcycle riding, and exploring California. My research interests are largely experimental and oriented towards radiation detection and characterization, predominantly involving neutrons, x-rays, gamma-rays, and accelerator technology. I have developed an avid appreciation for all things nuclear and strive to combat misinformation regarding nuclear matters in the media. I have been striving to become more informed on nuclear policy in the United States with respect to both security and education. Lastly, I am against the linear no-threshold model since it makes no biological sense whatsoever; stress is a reaction to challenge, and challenges promote improvement; therefore, stress can be stimulating. QED.

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