2015 NDNCA Workshop Agenda

Workshop on Nuclear Data Needs and Capabilities for Applications AGENDA

May 27 – 29, 2015

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Day 1: May 27, 2015


Time Presentation Title
8:30am Nuclear Data Needs and Capabilities for Applications
Lee Bernstein, UC Berkeley/LBNL/LLNL
Karl Van Bibber, UC Berkeley Dept. of Nuclear Engineering
Barbara Jacak, LBNL/UC Berkeley Dept. of Physics
Tim Hallman, Office of Science, DOE
Ted Barnes, Nuclear Data and Nuclear Theory Computing, DOE
9:00am Overview of Nuclear Data
Mike W. Herman, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Session 1 Nuclear Data Needs for Nuclear Energy (Chair: Shamsuzzoha Basunia, LBNL)
9:40am Several Illustrative Examples of Nuclear Data Needs for Nuclear Energy Systems
Jasmina Vujic, Nuclear Science and Security Consortium/UC Berkeley
10:35am Nuclear Data Needs in Nuclear Energy Applications
Alexander Stanculescu, Idaho National Laboratory
11:15am Nuclear Data Uncertainty Quantifications for Applications in Energy, Security, and Isotope Production
Ian Gauld, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Session 2a Energy and Other Applications (Chair: Alejandro Sonzogni, BNL)
2:00pm Nuclear Data Needs for Understanding Material Damage
Patrick Griffin, Sandia National Laboratories
2:35pm Challenges and Successes in Application of the Evaluated Nuclear Data Libraries for the Missouri University Research Reactor Core Irradiation Simulations
Nickie Peters, University of Missouri Reactor Research Center
Session 2b Capabilities Part 1 (Chair: Paul Fallon, LBNL)
3:15pm Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Facility Review
Larry Phair, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
3:35pm Los Alamos National Laboratory Facility Review
Ronald Nelson, Los Alamos National Laboratory
3:55pm Experimental Capabilities at ATLAS/CARIBU for Applied Nuclear Science
Guy Savard, Argonne National Laboratory
Session 2c Capabilities Part 2 (Chair: Elizabeth McCutchan, BNL)
4:40pm Association for Research at University Nuclear Accelerators Facilities Review
Partha Chowdhury, Association for Research at University Nuclear Accelerators
5:00pm Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Facility Review
Yaron Danon, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
5:20pm Oak Ridge National Laboratory Facilities Review
Krzysztof Rykaczewski, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Day 2: May 28, 2015

Time Presentation Title
Session 3 National Security Part 1 (Chair: Aaron Hurst, LBNL)
8:30am Needs for Neutron Reactions on Actinides
Mark Chadwick, Los Alamos National Laboratory
9:10am Nuclear Data’s Hidden Dysfunctia: Applications Don’t Actually Depend on Structure, Do They?
Morgan White, Los Alamos National Laboratory
9:50am Gamma Spectroscopic Data for Non-proliferation Applications
Brad Sleaford, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session 3b National Security Part 2 (Chair: Bethany Goldblum, UCB)
10:50am Neutron and Charged Particles Reaction Data Needs for NIF Implosion Experiments
Charles Cerjan, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
11:20am NRF Applications – An Unplanned Examination of Nuclear Data for 1-5 MeV Photons
Brian Quiter, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1:45pm Fission Product Yields for Neutrino Physics and Non-proliferation
Anna Hayes-Sterbenz, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Session 4 Medical Isotope Production (Chair: Caroline Nesaraja, ORNL)
2:25pm Nuclear Data for Medical Radionuclide Production: Present Status and Future Needs
Syed Qaim, Research Centre Jülich and University of Cologne, Germany
3:05pm Nuclear Data, Nuclear Theory, and Isotopes
David Dean, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
3:35pm Los Alamos National Laboratory Facility Review
Ronald Nelson, Los Alamos National Laboratory
4:00pm Nuclear Reaction and Decay Data for Medium Energy Radionuclide Production
Jonathan Engle, Los Alamos National Laboratory
4:30pm Radioisotope Research and Production at Brookhaven Linac Isotope Producer
Suzanne Smith, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Session 5 Capabilities Part 3 (Chair: John Kelley, TUNL/DUKE)
5:10pm Michigan State University Facilities Review
Sean Liddick, Michigan State University
5:30 pm Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory Facilities Review
Werner Tornow, Duke University/High Intensity Gamma-Ray Source (HIGS)


Day 3: May 29, 2015


Time Session
Session 6 Parallel Breakout Sessions (Logistics)
9:00am National Security
Location: Building 67, Room 3111
Chair: Bethany Goldblum (UCB)Talks:

9:00am Isotope Production/Other Applications (Summary)
Location: Building 88, Upstairs Conference Room
Chair: Caroline Nesajara (ORNL), Elizabeth McCutchan (BNL), Alejandro Sonzogni (BNL)

9:00am Nuclear Energy (Summary)
Location: Building 74, Room 104
Chair: Rachel Slaybaugh (UCB)

Session 7 Comments from PMs/Closeout (Chair: Michal Herman, BNL)

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