Naomi Egel

Member - Naomi Egel NEWBio:

Naomi Egel recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies.  Her research interests focus on evaluating the effectiveness of different multilateral nonproliferation frameworks.  Previously, she held positions at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey, CA, where her work focused on multilateral treaties and agreements, and at the U.S. Mission to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, Switzerland, where she also worked on biological weapons issues.  In January 2013, she attended the UN Security Council Resolution 1540 and Civil Society Forum in Vienna, and in June 2014 she presented research on behalf of NPWG at the Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI) summer conference at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  At present, she is working on two separate research projects: one on the implications of the Helium-3 shortage for the IAEA and the need for alternatives and the other on governance frameworks for safeguarding HEU in naval reactors.

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