Walid Younes


Dr. Walid Younes studies the quantum many-body problem and its application to describe the nuclear fission process at a microscopic level starting from neutrons, protons, and an effective interaction between them. He received his Ph.D. in nuclear physics from Rutgers University in 1996, and joined the experimental nuclear physics group at LLNL soon after. For the next ten years, Dr. Younes worked principally on the measurement and interpretation of cross sections from neutron-induced reactions. In 2006, he joined the nuclear theory and modeling group at LLNL, and launched a program with D. Gogny to develop a microscopic theory of fission. Dr. Younes is on sabbatical leave from LLNL as of March 2015, and is currently writing a book on fission theory for Springer Publishing’s “Lecture Notes in Physics” series.

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