Lee Bernstein


Dr. Lee Bernstein has spent his career developing innovative ways to determine nuclear cross sections for applied and basic nuclear science. He received his Ph.D in Nuclear Physics from Rutgers University in 1994 and then went to LLNL where he has been a staff scientist ever since. Dr. Bernstein has performed experiments covering a wide array of topics ranging from high-spin nuclear structure, to neutron cross section measurements, to understanding the properties of hot nuclear matter, to the development of the surrogate ratio method. Dr. Bernstein helped lead the development of a nuclear science program using the National Ignition Facility (NIF) serving as both the deputy and acting group leader.   In 2013, he developed and taught a course at UCB on nuclear physics in high energy density plasmas and is currently teaching the primary nuclear physics course at UC Berkeley (NE101).  Dr. Bernstein has supervised more than 20 post-doctoral researchers and graduate students and published more than 130 articles over his career.


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